Opinion: The Current Debate

By: Zack Duvall

As you all may know the current debate in the country is racism and the fact that many feel that the country is losing much of its identity and pride. I have to admit that it becomes increasingly difficult to watch more than 30 minutes of the evening news. This is not because I believe that all the points are invalid or that I don’t fully admit that fact that the police in this country are very much out of control.

However, there is much to be talked and thought about.

I was raised in an era of schooling where I had a very diverse class. There were middle eastern, white, black, Hispanic, and even native Americans. As up as a child I was taught that we should always try to live a life of acceptance. Even if you were not in agreement with what is being accepted. This is in sharp contrast to let’s say my grandparent’s era. An era when segregation, open and flagrant acts of violence and discrimination against people of color, etc. were all to common.

It seems as though people forget how far people, in not only this country, but the world have come on the issue of racial and religious tolerance. We have people of color in all professions, religions, states, and communities. Something that until really the late 1970s was just not socially possible.

We have, as a nation and society, gone through so much change, innovation, and development. However, we are regressing back into that dark chapter of history filled with division, hate, and ignorance.

We have taken so many steps forward in this area, yet we are taking many more steps backward at an even faster pace than we moved forward. This cannot happen. WE AS ONE NATION can not allow this to happen.

There is too much greed, corruption, and too many hidden agendas at play in this country at the highest levels of government that the issue of “racism” should not even be a topic. We just had a terrorist attack that killed 5 service members, destroyed five families, on our own soil, and still when you turn the news on you are blasted with petty reporting about a problem that doesn’t exist in many diverse and thriving communities across the globe.

Our focus is being taken off of an event that should, could, and would draw us together if we let it.

We should turn those lives lost into a meaningful rally for OUR country, not just brush it off in order to focus on things to divide us more. We have lost what it is to be AMERICAN and replaced it with what it is to be divided.

There is a reason for the phrase, “Divided we fall.”

I urge my fellow Americans to come together in this time of chaos and focus on getting back to progress, innovation, and moving forward to a better America. We can not allow our focus to be diverted, it must be strengthened.

I bet most of you haven’t even heard that Canadian citizens just sued the Bank of Canada because they came together and forced the financial institution to go back to what it was designed to do. Build people up and allow for financial growth of the citizen. Not bind them in this endless rat race that has turned into our lives. I encourage you to look it up and study it. It shows what is possible if even just a small, organized, and determined group of people can do for the GREATER good if they come together in the name of change for the better.

I really do love this country I wouldn’t have started this page, website, and movement if I didn’t. I am just tired of it and us being used, abused, lied to, and manipulated. I believe and know that life will go on, the question is will we be divided or united. If the answer is divided the only question that remains is, what is the situation or event that will completely cripple our country?


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