Opinion: Deal Or No Deal?

By: Zack Duvall

When I think about the problems that the future generations will face as a result of certain actions we did or didn’t take I am truly saddened. We have allowed members of congress and the administration to further their own agenda and live a life of double standards that are so reprehensible it’s hard for me to fathom how they were allowed to get away with this for so long.

Now keep in mind I’m not going to single out one political party, because frankly there are must fewer hands clean than dirty in this generation of politicians.

But the major policy issue that needs to be addressed first and foremost at this time is the Iran Nuke deal. This is the one piece of legislation currently in debate that will truly affect the future of, not only this nation’s children and grandchildren as they begin their lives, but the future generations of the western world as a whole.

Iran is a country that is still very “draconian”. They display horrid treatment of their women in their culture, they have a very strict and religious culture that is influenced by and influences radical extremists, and they have openly and very consistently voiced their hatred and disdain for America and our allies, particularly Israel. This is a country that has engaged in cowardly proxy wars with the United States and has funded the killings of American soldiers, Christian women and children, and various other innocent civilians whose only transgression is having differing views and cultures.

For us to even consider such an agreement with them is going against everything that this great nation stands for. For us to sit down with a nation that is still very much in the dark ages, by their own choice, with many of their laws, civil rights, and justice system is appalling.

We are a nation that is quickly compromising everything that we hold dear in order to portray an image of good will to countries and people that have no interest in reciprocating those actions. They are only interested in pushing the line to obtain their desired result.

The fact that we would allow this country, whose has proven time and time again to be anything but trustworthy, to police itself in this agreement is nothing but absurd and naive. It’s the equivalent of letting someone on probation or parole to drug test themselves and choose to release their results. Another comparison to the insanity of this deal would be allowing a drug cartel to dictate to the authorities which parts of a compound they are allowed to search and have access to.

The president has used the “It’s this deal or war” rhetoric. I would say that we have been involved in a form of warfare with the Iranians for years now. This is because they have funded and supplied numerous groups responsible for acts of violence against our service members for the last decade. Secondly, the Iranians are still preparing for some type of warfare, even with it becoming clear that the deal with be passed by a minority of congress members, as they have been in contact with the Russian government as well as the Chinese in order for there to be a transfer of arms with no delay when the arms embargo ends as a result of this deal.

Why would a country, that is, as president Obama says is looking for a peaceful resolution and place in the world, need to make sure that a large number of ballistic missiles are at the ready as soon as it is allowed?

I would argue that Iran is the key threat to the stability of not only the middle east but the world, as a result of the almost certain arms races that will ensue as a result of this dastardly deal. The middle east is a region long plagued by violence and turmoil, I would challenge any politician to offer an intelligent response as to why they think that adding nuclear power, weapons, and facilities to the chaos is an even remotely smart decision.

This region of the world has many issues that need to be addressed before we even consider allowing for nuclear enrichment of any kind for any purpose. They have civil rights issues to address, they have racism to address, they have secular violence to address and rid from their countries. For our leaders to go against the majority of Americans who have doubts about the deal or are openly and fully opposed to the deal shows the disconnect between the people and government.

I implore you all to really take a thoughtful and hard look at this deal and I urge you all to think about the future repercussions of this deal. The fact that we are negotiating with terrorists, and the precedent that this sets for our nation going forward in regards to our foreign policy.


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