Why The Numbers, and Common Sense, Support the Travel Restrictions

By: Zack Duvall

The recent decision by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to sustain the hold on implementation of the President’s travel restrictions, has sparked a great deal of interest on the matter of National Security and the powers of the Executive  Branch to declare and enforce travel restrictions deemed necessary by the intelligence community. It has also emboldened partisan attention seekers, such as Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson to call ‘racist’ and indicate he will “move aggressively” to obtain written documents and e-mails regarding the  recent order issued by the President and the “underlying motivation” for issuing such an order. Even the 9th Circuit’s clarification cited case law they say allows for judges to determine what an official was thinking when determining legality of a case or issue. Going so far as to say, ” Circumstantial  evidence of intent, including statements by decision makers, may be considered in evaluating whether a governmental action was motivated by a discriminatory purpose.” Essentially, the point that this incompetent and outrageous statement is attempting to make is that, even if there are no legal grounds to overturn legislation, judges who don’t agree with the contested legislation, can now cite the unproven “intent”, as grounds for Judicial action and interference when there is no legal precedent to do so. Besides, the fact that this is a blatant overreach of the judicial system, the numbers and facts surrounding the very real issue of terrorism are in favor of swift action such as what President Trump ordered, and President Obama outlined during his time in the oval office. According to a 111- page University of Maryland report on terrorism, a very recent 2014 was the deadliest year that our planet has seen in terms of terror related deaths. Over 35,000 recorded deaths, with over 60 percent of the violence occurring in 5 countries: Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The numbers aren’t just astronomical in terms of deaths, but also in terms of spending by world governments to combat the problem. It should also be noted that a Jordanian official went on the record in 2014, when explaining why his country was not taking refugees, to say that Jordanian intelligence officials are estimating one-in-twenty to be “jihadists or jihadists sympathizers susceptible to radicalization”. The recent death of an American service member conducting an operation in Yemen, while not a direct attack on the homeland, is evidence that terrorist organizations in the restricted countries are still very much a threat and active. The threat of radical jihadists infiltrating the refugee or migrant population is very real and showcased by the attacks on Paris, Brussels, and Niece. All of which were aided or carried out by at least one foreign national. Some of which have been proven to have crossed through a Greek port just months prior to the Paris and Brussels terror attacks taking place. We have seen that even children of radical families can become a threat later in life with the Boston bombing. Americans can no longer be naive when it comes to the threats and dangers that come with terrorism. The recent testimony by the current leading military official in Afghanistan, Army Gen. John Campbell, is yet further evidence that older organizations such as Al-Qaeda are rebuilding and re-establishing their dominance and recruiting efforts in light of the past administrations large withdraw from the region. Complacency breeds danger. We as a nation need to realize there are many other options that we can fulfill our need and desire to help those who truly want and need our help, without putting our fellow citizens at danger for the sake of votes and political games. Vetting an individual’s background and reasoning for coming to our country is not a political issue and certainly not a race issue, as many on the left are claiming. It is nothing other than part of the issue of public safety and national security. Your life, my life, your family’s lives, and my family’s lives are worth the time and effort it takes to ask the extras questions and do the extra investigating on those who our security officials have questions about.


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