Why The Flynn Controversy Will Make the Trump Administration Better

By: Zack Duvall

Michael Flynn. A name that has become somewhat infamous overnight in the media with his Monday night resignation over conversations he held with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The conversations, by Flynn’s own admission, pertained to sanctions that the Obama administration levied against numerous Russian officials and entities during the Crimea crisis and for the possible Russian “interference” in America’s recent election. Flynn, the Trump administration’s former National Security adviser,  in his resignation statement said he had “inadvertently” briefed top officials with incomplete information regarding the call with the Russian Ambassador. Top Trump aide and adviser, Kelly Anne Conway, appeared on Fox and Friends, a morning news show which airs daily on the Fox News Channel, to discuss the matter saying that the situation had become “increasingly unstable” and eluded to the fact that the deception early on by General Flynn is what led to the reversal of the White House in their support of him on this matter. Vice President Pence, before Flynn’s resignation, had initially held a press conference where he re-affirmed earlier comments by Flynn and his aides that the topic of sanctions against Russia and some of its top officials had not been discussed at all. Vice President Pence later went on various news programs this past weekend to further defend Flynn and his credibility, doubling down on his earlier statements that he believed the talk between Michael Flynn an the Russian Ambassador never covered the sanctions or any potential action(s) the Trump administration would take in the future. After Flynn’s apology and resignation, which the President and Vice President both formally accepted, various sources immediately leaked potential names to replace the disgraced Flynn. Among those names is Gen. David Patreaus, who made multiple trips to Trump Tower after the election during the nomination process. In spite of all of the firestorm news reports and outlandish conspiracy theories, there is a whole forest many are missing for the trees. This firestorm is truly caused by the actions of someone that this administration appointed and trusted. This is the first media frenzy that, even “day one”, Trump supporters are looking for the silver lining in this situation. The silver lining mentioned is actually the situation itself. The fact that this is a situation where President Trump, more than likely, feels as if his leadership and judgement are being legitimately questioned, will only drive him and his team to never allow this kind of situation to happen again. President Trump, by all accounts, is a man who doesn’t tolerate deception from those he trusts to do a job, and moves swiftly to address issues and prevent any further complications. This situation, as legitimate of an issue as it is, should only drive White House officials to ask the extra questions and take the steps to prevent this deceptive and detrimental behavior in anymore of their appointees. It should be noted and taken into account that the President made no excuses for General Flynn after his admission to the true facts surrounding the call. The decision was made to immediately dissolve the working relationship between the White House and General Flynn regardless of political affiliation or endorsements. This alone shows how much more the Trump administration values integrity and honesty over loyalty to campaign and election allies, which is a good sign for Americans and American politics.


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