Fun Fact Friday (2/17/2017)

By: Zack Duvall


With this weekend being President’s day weekend and Monday being the celebration of all of the American heroes that have served our nation from the Oval Office, we thought it appropriate to have our first ever Fun Fact Friday geared towards the holiday and some fun facts surrounding our nation’s Presidency. So with that here are some facts we hope you enjoy and didn’t know before you heard them from us:

1. “Tomatoes, ‘TomAHtoes'”

There are two different styles of referring to “President’s Day” in the written form. One side of the argument is “President’s Day” and the rival to that is “Presidents’ Day”. The difference in grammar is that some people choose to use the holiday to mainly celebrate George Washington’s birthday, the “Presidents’ Day” form comes from the belief that this day celebrates ALL the U.S. presidents. I’ve made stand on the issue in this piece, which side are you on? #GOAT #GW #TrulyScandalFree… forgetting the Cherry Tree controversy…

2. Sale! Sale! Sale!

Ever wonder how or when President’s Day was voted to be National retailers selling left over winter stock? Well the answer is the late 1980’s. The origins of the huge President’s Day sales are largely attributed to the fact that the date of President’s Day falls right after the big Christmas and Holiday rush that includes even Valentine’s Day. So a lot of retailers use it as a “last hooray” to get rid of overstocked merchandise. After all, nothing says “I honor my nation’s presidents past and future” in America like a mattress or appliance at half off of ticket price… ‘Merica!

3. An Active and Presidential Month

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and William Harrison all have birthdays in February. My little brother’s birthday is in February as well, for the record, and in keeping with ‘February baby’ tradition we’ve already picked out his campaign slogan, “More Cheese!”…Long Story…

4. Made in America

8th President Martin Van Buren was the first U.S. President that was a natural born citizen. Every president before him had been born a British subject. A bonus fact about President Van Buren, Dutch was his first language, not English.

5. Always a Joking 

After the assassination attempt on his life in 1981, Ronald Reagan was quoted as saying, “I forgot to duck!” When referring to the situation in an interview during his recovery.

6. It’s not about Quantity of Time, But Quality

William Henry Harrison is the shortest serving U.S. President with a term of just 32 days. He died of pneumonia he contracted while giving his inauguration speech in the rain. Good news for the Harrison family though, they had another shot at the Oval office with William’s grandson, Benjamin Harrison, who became the 23rd president of the United States.

There you have it. 6 quick facts about President’s Day and some of those that we honor and celebrate this weekend.



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