Lt. Gen. McMaster Appointed National Security Adviser

By: Zack Duvall

President Trump formally announced his selection of Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster as his new National Security Adviser, replacing embattled General Michael Flynn who was forced to resign last week amid a firestorm of allegations about his talks with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The announcement, and pick itself, comes as an exciting surprise to even the most current and recent Trump administration critics.

“I give the President great credit for this decision.” Sen. John McCain (R. AZ) said in an interview when asked about the announcement. Sen. McCain had recently taken to various media outlets criticizing the President and his battle with many in the media over what the President claims is “fake news”.

After further praise for the President’s pick of McMaster and his military and leadership track record, he finished with,”He is an outstanding choice.” A rare instance of approval from a very, up to this point, critical McCain.

The praise wasn’t just heard from those on the right who had been critical of the President and his cabinet choices, but from Democrats as well.

Former U.S. Ambassador for the Obama administration, Michael Faul, called the pick by Trump “terrific”  and that McMaster will ‘not be afraid to question his boss.”

The second comment stemming from Lt. Gen. McMaster’s well-known reputation of voicing his opinions, even in the face of disagreement from his superiors.

General Jack Keane, a military strategist and former member of the Bush administration, addressed that point on Tuesday in an interview on Fox news’ Happening Now.

“He departed in the strategy in Iraq at the time, but his bosses tolerated it because he brought about results.” He went on to say that even though McMaster may indeed have very strong opinions that he doesn’t shy away from expressing, “he would make sure that the administration’s plans would be implemented fully.”

General McMaster’s military record is one of a distinguished combat, silver star receiving, tactician. Most famously he is known for commanding a small group of the U.S. 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment against a much larger Iraqi Republican Guard force in 1991 during the first Gulf War. The battle is thought to be the largest tank battle since World war 2 and became known as “The Battle of 73 Easting” after the coordinates of where it took place on military maps.

He is also widely known in the armed service leadership for his important role in stabilizing the Tel Alfer region of Iraq in 2005, a major objective in the current fight to retake Mosul from ISIS.

Lt. Gen. McMaster is a graduate from West Point and holds a Ph.D in U.S. History from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is also the author of the book, Dereliction of Duty, a military investigative piece about the wrong doings of the American leadership during the Vietnam War.


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