AT&T Customers, Savings Are Coming Your Way

By: Zack Duvall

In yet another move by a major wireless provider in what many analysts call a “price war”, Wireless giant AT&T announced through an e-mail sent Monday that it was lowering the monthly price of its unlimited data plan.

The move by the company brings the price down by $10, bringing the new overall monthly price for AT&T customers to $90, including taxes, starting Thursday.

Customers are also receiving access to, and a $25 video credit for, AT&T’s video services, Direct TV and Direct TV now, albeit at a slightly higher rental price.

The announcement by AT&T comes just after major competitor, Verizon, announced it was lowering the price of its unlimited data plan to $80 a month. That announcement being the first such announcement the company had made in the past 5-years.

AT&T’s announcement also unveiled their new plan option “AT&T unlimited choice”. A plan that a single smartphone customer can subscribe to for $60 a month for unlimited data, but at a speed capped at 3 megabytes a second.

With the price war between major wireless companies and providers apparently just heating up, consumers stand a lot to save and gain.


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