President Gives Insight into Plans for $54 Billion Increase in Defense Budget

By: Zack Duvall

Speaking Thursday on board the newly completed USS Gerald R. Ford in Virginia, President Donald Trump said that such ships and other American military naval vessels project “American power in distant lands.”

The speech comes just days after the White House proposed its first federal budget, which included a $54 billion increase in spending on military and defense projects. President Trump on Thursday reiterated many of his campaign promises to invest heavily into the American military in an effort to counter policies and spending cuts enacted under the Obama administration that he, and many in the GOP, say have “diminished America’s fighting force.”

The proposal released by the White House Monday, boosts the Pentagon’s budget to $603 billion and is the start of, what he referred to as a massive build-up of our military, with the end goal of providing our men and women in uniform with the best equipment possible.

The budget proposal also includes a plan by the president to increase the number of aircraft carriers that the Navy has to 12, up from the current 10, A planned move that the President highlighted during his speech.

“I just spoke with Navy and industry leaders and we have discussed my plans to undertake a major expansion of our entire Navy fleet, including the 12 carrier Navy we need.” He told attendees of the speech, who applauded the President’s comments.

White House officials and aides say that they are still working on the particulars of the increased spending in terms of what branches would receive how much additional funding, and what developing weapons systems the funding would go to in the different branches. The President, however, hinted at the possibility of the increase in spending somehow benefiting all of the services in some aspect or way.

“We also need more aircraft, modernized capabilities, and greater force levels. Additionally, we must vastly improve our cyber capabilities.” Trump said.

During his run for the White House then candidate Donald Trump promised a complete overhaul of the armed forces, including increasing the troop levels in the Army and raising the number of ships in service within the Navy from 275 to 350. Promises that the Trump administration appears to be working towards keeping.

“We will give our military the tools you need to prevent war, and, if required to fight war and only do one thing, win.”





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