Mexico Opens “Legal Aid” Centers for Migrants at all Consulates in U.S.

By: Zack Duvall

In a move that the Mexican government said was “to protect its citizens”, the Mexican government has opened legal aid centers in all 50 states of America to help legal and illegal migrant workers with immigration concerns and cases. The Mexican government cited growing concerns among the migrant community over the crackdown by the Trump administration on illegal immigration.

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray implored the U.S. government to “respect the rights of Mexicans” and called on U.S. lawmakers to allow for a path to legality for undocumented migrants,

Videgaray said at an event held in New York at the Mexican consulate that Mexican officials were “not promoting illegality”, but that respecting the law meant “respecting human rights.” Videgaray also eluded to the possibility that such a crackdown as the one that many anticipate coming from the White House, could actually have a negative impact on America’s economy.

“It is becoming more than evident that to apply the law, which is the obligation of any state, would also imply a real economic damage to this country which highlights the need for immigration reform, an immigration reform that resolves once and for all the legal status of the people.”  The Mexican Foreign Minister said during his speech at the event.

With current estimates putting the number of undocumented migrants currently living in America at over 6 million, the need for enforcement and reform is becoming increasingly apparent to many congressional leaders and officials.

No word from Mexican officials as to how the long the centers would remain open, or as to how exactly the centers would intervene in cases that they were called to help with.


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