U.S. Navy Ship Alters Course After Iranian Vessels Perform “Unsafe” Maneuvers

By: Zack Duvall

According to the Reuters news agency, the USNS Invincible was forced to alter its course after 3 Iranian fast-attack vessels came within 600 yards of the U.S Navy ship, and stopped, as the ship made its way through the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday.

The U.S. ship, which was being accompanied by 3 British Royal Navy vessels, attempted to make contact with the Iranian ships, however all communication attempts were ignored by the Iranians.

The Invincible, which is  U.S. Navy tracking ship, and its escort ships were forced to alter  their course to proceed through the strait safely.

The incident occurred on Saturday with a senior U.S. official confirming the incidents occurrence Monday morning. The news comes just as the Trump administration has signed a revised version of its travel restrictions that include citizens of Iran being subject to a 90-day suspension of visa and immigration applications while new vetting procedures are rolled out by the White House.

No official word on any response from the U.S State or Defense Departments on the matter.


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