New York City Spends $520,000 on Non-Existent Theft

By: Zack Duvall

The New York City Office of Court Administration, who appointed attorney Roger Bennet Alder in 2012 to investigate a potential theft of $5,000 from the city during the 2008 Debi Rose campaign, has cost the city $520,000 to find out the missing funds were not stolen, but misplaced by the City.

Alder sent his final invoice to the city after officially announcing that “in the interest of justice” he was not recommending charges against the two unnamed suspects in the case according to a report published on Wednesday by The New York Times.

“I have a sense of professional disappointment, I was not able to conclude my assignment as originally planned.” Alder said in a statement announcing the results of his investigation into the case.

Alder has since issued another statement addressing the final costs of his services to the city, saying that he charged the city rates that are “below the prevailing rate”. All told the city has spent over 200 times  the value of the original “theft” of money that, as it turns out, the city had misplaced after the conclusion of the ’08 elections.

When asked about how he felt about the outrage that many in the city’s leadership, and citizens who are learning of the situation, are beginning to express Alder conceded that he understood their feelings.

“I wouldn’t quarrel that some take that view after all this time and money, the result is disappointing.” Alder said.


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