President Trump’s UK State Visit Pushed Back to Next Year

By: Zack Duvall


Reuters is reporting that a senior Trump administration official has told them that the planned trip for the president to visit the UK for the first time since taking office and meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May, on the heels of announcing a possible bi-lateral trade deal, has been pushed back until at least next year.

“It’s just a scheduling issue. Finding a date that works for everyone turned out to be difficult. We’re looking at next year.” The official told Reuters.

President Trump has two more official trips planned for this year, with one of them being next week when he travels back to Paris to meet with European leaders to discuss a host of different issues. These issues are anticipated to include the U.S.possibly taking the lead in the European energy scene and attempting to break European dependence on Russian gas and energy.

May had invited the president to London shortly after is inauguration and with the prospect of a lucrative trade deal in the works the meeting was expected to be crucial in the talks and the resulting deal.

The final trip planned for the president is a trip to Asia where he will meet with key U.S. partners in the region including Japan and South Korea.


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