U.N. Considering Additional Sanctions, North Korea Promises ‘Corresponding Measures’

By: Zack Duvall


With the U.S. increasing pressure on China and Russia to approve yet anther round of international sanctions on North Korea and the rogue Kim Jung Un, the North Korean Foreign Ministry released a statement on Friday filled with defiant language for the world community.

The statement in short promised that the North Korean government was willing to take what it called “corresponding measures” in response to any newly implemented U.N. Security Council sanctions.

The tough talk from the isolated nation comes just a week after a successful ICBM test by the North that has infuriated the Trump Administration and puts the western U.S. within range of the North Korean threat.

The statement by North Korea also calls the recent ICBM test an “exercise of its legitimate right to self-defense” from what it called the “American nuclear threat” and vowed to continue testing and development of its missile program.

The U.S., South Korea, and Japan took part in a joint military exercise a day after the recent ICBM test by North Korea. The exercise, that involved American bombers being escorted by South Korean and Japanese fighters, concluded with “dummy bombs” being dropped along the DMZ, and was meant to send a strong message to Pyongyang.

The statement is being considered, by some exerts, as evidence that U.N. sanctions may be having an impact on the Kim regime and its missile programs that have been starved of much needed funding and revenue by recent sanctions proposed by the U.S. targeting numerous international entities that were continuing to have dealings with North Korea.

The U.S. is expected to formerly introduce the plan for additional sanctions early next week.




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