Spicer Resigns Amid Shake-Up of White House Communications Team

By: Zack Duvall


White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, resigned from his post in the Trump Administration on Friday, as an apparent shake-up gets underway within the White House’s communication and public relations team.

Spicer, the 45 year old former RNC Spokesman, hasn’t backed down from confrontation during his time as Press Secretary, and quickly became one of the Trump administration’s most recognized and well-known figures.

Although no official reason was given for Spicer’s abrupt and sudden departure was given by White House officials, The New York Times reported on Friday that the appointment of Anthony Scarmucci as the administration’s new Communication’s Director played a major role in the decision.

Scarmucci, a veteran Wall Street investment financier, was scheduled to meet with the President about the position at the White House on Friday, according to sources with knowledge of the matter.

In recent weeks Spicer has taken a noticeably less hands on role with daily press briefings and conferences, and had come under heavy criticism for statements he made at the podium that were later contradicted by White House officials, particularly on the subject of investigations into alleged Trump-Russian ties and collusion in the 2016 campaign.

The White House said on Friday that deputy press secretary, Sarah Sanders, would conduct the daily press briefing on Friday. No further comment on the matter was immediately available.


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