Major Health Insurer Pulls out of Nevada Marketplaces, Cuts Georgia Coverage in Half

By: Zack Duvall


National health insurance company Anthem Inc., an affiliate of the Blue Cross insurance network, has officially announced that it will no longer offer any Obamacare plans in the state of Nevada, and will discontinue coverage for roughly half of all counties in the state of Georgia.

The announcement by the insurer comes just weeks after a failed GOP attempt to draft new health care legislation to repeal and replace the failing Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare. The uncertainty that has since resulted from the stalled effort by lawmakers, coupled with the recent threats by the White House to cancel the federal subsidies that many of the nation’s insurance marketplaces operating under the laws of Obamacare rely on to continue providing coverage, was cited by company officials as having influenced the moved by executives.

Under the new plan by the company, Anthem will still offer what are known as “catastrophic plans” to consumers in Nevada, and will focus on continuing coverage to 85 of the 159 counties in Georgia, mainly rural and low-income parts of the state where many depend on the federal coverage for healthcare.

The “catastrophic plans” will be plans that are only available to young people under 30 and those determined to have a low-income. The plans will be similar to “bare-bones” plans that have been proposed by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX.) during last month’s contentious healthcare debate.

The company said that the announcement does not pertain to, or affect, the Medicaid or Medicaid Advantage plans in either of the two states.

The Trump administration has been putting increasing pressure on Congressional GOP leadership to draft and pass new legislation to replace the Obamacare law. However, with the latest failed attempt by Republicans to pass new healthcare laws the Obamacare marketplaces are set to continue to be federally funded through 2018.








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