Opinion: Congressional Republicans are Showing Their Establishment Loyalty

By: Zack duvall


With America’s Congressional members enjoying their tax-payer funded vacations at exclusive fancy-margarita serving resorts, the American people are left with enormous uncertainty and apprehension over not just  the healthcare debate, but various global threats that are facing our nation.

From an utterly insane and rogue dictator in North Korea, to the crushing premiums that are choking out the average family’s ability to provide basic healthcare for the household, to the outrageous tax burden that our nation has allowed to be placed on domestic businesses, Americans are looking for answers, and elected leaders to rely on.

Mitch McConnell, and frankly the vast majority of GOP lawmakers, fail to understand the severity of  their situation, and are vastly underestimating the will of the American people to purge the Congress of do-nothing career politicians, even if that may mean allowing the Democrats to retake the House and Senate. The Democrats learned that the hard way this past year as they watched voters in multiple “blue state” strongholds turn their back on a party they felt turned its back on them.

The fact that outsiders, on both sides of the political spectrum, challenged mainstay names on both sides of the aisle this past election, should have lit a fire under most politicians, especially the “lifers”, that not even Poseidon himself could extinguish.

But I digress, Let’s take a look back at the last few months shall we?

First, there was the historic 2016 election that not only saw a brash, in-experienced, and “tough-love” political outsider elected to the highest office in the land, but beyond that America also saw an enormous amount of trust put in the Republican Party with the GOP taking control of both chambers of Congress. A perfect situation for Republicans, right?


Fast forward a couple weeks after the January inauguration of Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers were calling press conferences almost daily as they finished out their victory tour, talking about all of the grandiose promises they had made and the streets of gold they were going to lay as they led America down a path to a brighter future.

Then it was time to actually put in the work.

By late March and early April, it was becoming apparent to virtually everyone who was paying attention that GOP lawmakers were good at holding the press conferences and taking the victory laps, but putting in the work to produce the results was another matter entirely.

The fact that Congressional Republicans have failed to pass any form of legislation that delivers on ANY, even ONE, promise made during the campaign shows how incompetent the GOP has become. The fact that Republican lawmakers can not formulate a cohesive strategy to pass even a single piece of meaningful legislation shows that the Democrats are not the only party in the land with an identity and integrity problem.

I used the word integrity because that’s exactly what Republican leaders are showing a lack of. They lack the integrity and commitment to conservative principles of unity, controlled government spending, and the ability to fulfill promises to the Americans who depend on them to enact laws and change that will see their families rise to success and wealth.

What’s worse about the future of any major legislation debate is that Senate Republicans were not even capable enough to gain the needed ‘yes’ votes to allow for conferences with their colleagues in the House to develop true healthcare reform.

If they can’t even vote ‘yes’ to start work on a bill, how on earth are they going to ever get to the point of enacting substantial, and truly successful healthcare coverage for the millions of Americans that will rely on the government-funded care?

What would those marketplaces and healthcare plans look like? Can we really trust these people with our lives, and the lives of our families? We’ve put that trust in them to this point and so far all that has been assured to us has proven to be nothing more than election time rhetoric.

To add insult to injury, congressional Republicans seem to suddenly showcase unity when passing laws to help safeguard the job of special prosecutor Robert Muller, yet another partisan-bureaucrat leading the months long investigation in to alleged collusion on behalf of the Trump administration with Russian officials during the election.

News flash Republicans: your establishment is showing!

The issues that the GOP membership is cherry-picking what to show unity on are very telling as to where their loyalty is. They are more like the Democrats that they say they so vehemently oppose then they realize.

After watching the debacle unfolding on Capitol Hill so far, Americans have but one clear option for moving forward. A tough option, but one that could see the rise of a whole new generation of success within the Republican Party.

That option is: Trust the millennial conservatives who will start running for office within the next two election cycles. The new blood and fresh ideas delivered by young and vibrant is exactly what the conservative message needs, and at a time when long-time Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Elizabeth Warren are continuing to drown out new and more moderate voices on the left, the time is now for the GOP to elevate their own new up and coming membership and leaders.

But the reality is it is up to the voters to take that leap of faith and put in the effort at the ballot box to make sure that those new voices replace the aging, and largely failing, voices that are continuing to fail the American people.

That being said, the current situation will continue on until voters make another historic move in another historic election and we are left with a congress that stumbles over its own two feet.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’ll forego any care plans these men and women do happen to come up with.


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