New Travel Order Expected to be Announced

By: Zack Duvall


According to several sources with direct knowledge on the subject, the Trump administration is planning to roll-out a new and modified version of its travel restriction implemented earlier in the year.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the news on Friday morning and cited several White House sources who said the the new order was set to be released by the Department of Homeland Security as opposed to being an executive order.

A sign that the department has been developing a plan for improving the vetting process of potential refugees and citizens from countries that were deemed to be terrorist hot-spots by not just the Trump White House, but the Obama administration as well.

“The Trump administration will ensure we only admit those who can be properly vetted and will not pose a threat to national security or public safety.” An administration spokesperson said on Friday when asked about the original Wall Street Journal report, but would elaborate further on any potential or planned action by the administration or DHS.

Speculation around the anticipated action includes the possibility that the restrictions may be extended to more countries than the six named on the original order that included Iran, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The original order by the Trump administration was signed in January, and met with fierce backlash from leftist activist and legal groups who filed numerous lawsuits challenging the order’s legality in federal courts.

A district U.S. judge in Hawaii strike the order down, however, revised executive action was upheld by the Supreme Court with a key hearing on the matter scheduled in October.

The new action on the part of DHS is expected to be the long-term solution to the issue of “extreme vetting” and travel restrictions being proposed as the executive actions signed by President Trump are set to expire by the end of October.

DHS has not issued a formal statement on the matter but an announcement is expected to come from  the department within the two weeks.


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