Shooting at Tennessee Church, 1 Dead and 7 Wounded

By: Zack Duvall


Tragedy followed a weekly church service just outside of Nashville at roughly 11:00 am on Sunday morning when Emanuel Kidega Samson opened fire and let off “multiple rounds” outside and inside the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee.

Samson, a 25-year old black male, is reported to have started his shooting spree in the church’s parking lot taking the life of an unidentified woman as she made her way to her car. He is then said to have tried to enter the church where he pistol-whipped 22-year old Robert Engle, a church usher, as he attempted to stop him from entering the front door of the church.

Engle, who authorities have since called a hero and said received “significant” head injuries as a result of the struggle with Samson, went to his car to retrieve his own firearm in an effort to take down the shooter.

However, as Engle was retrieving his firearm, Samson entered the back of the church and began to open fire on attendees of the service, wounding 6 people.

The names of the injured have been released and are as follows:

  • William Jenkins, 83
  • Marlene Jenkins, 83
  • Peggy Span, 65
  • David Span, 60
  • Linda Bush, 65
  • Katherine Dickerson, 64

All are listed in stable but critical condition at local hospitals, including the gunman who is also being treated for a gunshot wound.

It was initially reported that Samson had attempted to take his own life, but that has since been retracted by local law enforcement.

It is now thought that during the second confrontation with Engle is when Samson received his injuries.

The FBI is on scene and assisting local authorities, however as of Sunday evening were on the ground in a support role and were not leading the investigation.



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