Collins Announces Opposition to Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill, Possibly Dealing Death Blow to the GOP Proposal

By: Zack Duvall


Susan Collins, one of the Republicans on the fence about the newly proposal GOP healthcare law, has announced that she will vote to oppose the bill if it goes to vote in the Senate this week.

The news was met with overwhelming praise from Democrats in D.C. and those on liberal left who have said that the bill would cancel coverage for millions and prevent those with pre-existing conditions from obtaining coverage.

Late-night comedian turned political know it all, Jimmy Kimmel, took to Twitter to voice his support of Collins’ decision.

“Thank you @SenatorCollins for putting people before party. We are all in your debt.” Kimmel said in a post thanking Collins for her breaking from GOP rank and file membership.

Collins, in her statement to reporters on Capitol Hill late Monday afternoon, cited those talking points as well as the bill’s plan to cut the Medicaid expansion program started under Obamacare by the year 2020.

“So for those reasons, I cannot support the bill.” Collins said.

Bill authors Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy had offered Maine incentives within the bill in an effort to bring the Senator on board, but was not enough to sway the lawmaker’s mind.

Senator John Cornyn, an influential Senate Republican and supporter of the proposal, would not say if the bill would go ahead for a vote on the Senate floor in light of the announcement from Collins.




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