Daily Brief 09/25/2017: Volcanoes, Insurance and Protests to Start the Week

U.S. News:

Healthcare Vote Expected This Week

With numerous GOP lawmakers voicing their concern over the ‘Graham-Cassidy’ bill, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he plans to hold a vote in the Senate this week.

GOP Senators including Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky, John McCain of Arizona, and Susan Collins of Maine have all said that they are either definite ‘no’ votes, or strongly considering voting ‘no’ on the proposal.

The Senate GOP can only have two of the 52 Republican Senators vote to oppose the bill, and only have until Saturday before any future votes will require a super majority of 60 and Democrats have the ability to filibuster any potential legislation introduced from that point on.

Gas Prices Down on Average Nationally- 

Americans saw gas prices fall nationally in the last weeks according to new industry data released on Friday with the average price down 7 cents to $2.62 a gallon.

Industry analyst, Trilby Lundberg, said that the decline in prices are largely attributed to Gulf Coast refineries impacted by the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey coming back online and production going back to normal levels.

Experts say that prices are expected to continue to decline through the next two weeks.

NFL Players Bring Politics To Sport-

In a politically motivated snub to the President, players from virtually all teams in the NFL used the platform to protest what they claim to be widespread racial injustice and discrimination in the United States.

In a move that has angered many of the league’s fan base, players took a knee during the National Anthem or refused to take the field for the anthem altogether.

The ‘protests’ started with the Ravens-Jaguars’ game in London where both teams took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem but stood up for England’s national score, “God Save The Queen”.

President Trump has weighed in on the controversy calling the actions by players “disrespectful” and has called for the players taking part in the demonstrations to be terminated.

The NFL has issued several statements defending the actions by players as “expressions of their first-amendment rights.”

World News:

U.S Launches Airstrike in Libya, Kills 17 Militants-

The U.S. military has confirmed that it has successfully launched a series of airstrikes in Libya, destroying 3 vehicles and killing 17 Islamic State terrorists.

The strike took place 150 miles southeast of the coastal city of Sirte, and came with cooperation and approval of the Libyan government.

A statement released on Sunday by the U.S. Africa Command commended the efforts of all involved including “partners in the Libyan intelligence department.”

Volcano Concerns Force Mass Evacuation in Bali-

More than 35,000 people have fled the Indonesian Island of Bali amid concerns that a “tremendous increase” of seismic activity could mean that the long dormant volcano on the island may be getting ready to erupt.

Authorities raised the alert status on Friday and have since said that the number of evacuees is “overwhelming” and that more residents are expected to flee in coming days.

Officials had originally anticipated only about half of the number of evacuees that are currently seeking shelter from the potential eruption, a miscalculation that is forcing Indonesia to scramble resources to the region.

If the volcano erupts, it will be the first time in over half a century that it has done so.

Merkel Wins Re-election In Germany-

Angela Merkel, 63, has been elected to a fourth-term by Germany’s citizens in an election that saw a strong resurgence of Germany’s right-wing parties, including the emergence of the Alternative for Germany party that won over 13% of the vote.

Germany has seen an increasingly active and popular right-leaning electorate as a result of the recent migrant crisis that is putting extreme pressures on Germany’s economic well-being and social structure.

Rapes, violent clashes between German Nationalists and largely Muslim migrants along with recent European based terror incidents have led many German citizens to question Merkel’s competence and ability to balance globalist ideals with the needs of everyday Germans



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