Daily Brief 09/27/2017: Tax Reform, Saudi Women Driving, and EU Reforms

U.S. News

President Trump to Present Tax Plan in Indianapolis Today-

President Trump heads to the heartland today in order to give a speech outlining his plan to drastically reform the tax code and simplify the individual tax income brackets.

Indianapolis was chosen as the location of the tax speech because the city in within the district represented by Democratic Senator, Joe Donnelly, who is up for re-election in an area that went for the Trump campaign in 2016. Something that is expected to put pressure on the lawmaker to vote bi-partisan on the issue of tax reform.

The ‘Trump-tax’ plan would bring the corporate tax rate down to 20% and also streamline the current 7 tax brackets down to 3, which would be taxed at rates of 15%, 25%, and 35%.

No individual income figures tied to the brackets have been released.

Important Colorado River Preservation Agreement to be Signed-

Officials from multiple municipalities and state’s that rely on the Colorado River for water, are meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a signing ceremony celebrating a landmark water sharing deal.

The deal, that requires a $31.5 million investment in Mexico-based infrastructure projects, was the result of lengthy negotiations between the Mexican government and U.S. federal agencies that looks to improve the water distribution systems along the River, some of which are in Mexico.

The Colorado river provides drinking water to over 40 million Americans and sustains 5 million acres of U.S. farmland.

Nashville Shooter Set to Appear in Court-

The 25-year old Sudanese immigrant, Emanuel Samson, who opened fire on a small church in Tennessee on Sunday, has his first court appearance today.

Samson is charged with homicide, and numerous other charges, after an attack that left one woman dead and six other victims wounded.

Authorities say that Samson is no stranger to law enforcement and, as recently as June, was in contact with police after they say he sent suicidal text messages to his father.

Law enforcement officials also say that Samson had made several “cryptic” social media posts before the shooting on Sunday.


World News:

Saudi Arabia Rescinds Ban on Women Driving-

 In a surprising move, Saudi Arabian women will now have the ability to drive in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The news comes in the form of a royal decree by King Salmin bin Abdulazz and is effective immediately, although Saudi officials say that the actual roll-out of the new policy will “take months.”

Saudi Arabia has long been criticized for what many global leaders call human rights violations in its treatment of Saudi women and many experts say that it still has a very long way to go, however, they are very encouraged by this announcement.

Iraqi Parliament Seeks Military Option Against the Kurds in Kirkuk-

On Wednesday, the Iraqi parliament sent a formal request to Iraq’s Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, to ask for the authorization to send troops in an effort to retake the city of Kirkuk from the Kurdish Pesh Merga fighters.

The Kurds seized the town, and its rich oil-fields, after a violent battle with ISIS militants in 2014. That battle coming after ISIS had defeated the feckless Iraqi army who fled the city shortly after the battle with ISIS began.

The area has always historically been in the hands of the Kurds and is a major source of income for Kurdistan due to the amount of oil in the fields.

“The government has to bring back the oil fields of Kirkuk under the control of the Oil Ministry.” The resolution drafted by the parliament said.

There was no immediate indication as to whether or not al- Abadi would actually approve the request.

Merkel and Macron Meet in Germany to Discuss EU Reforms-

The leaders of European powerhouses France and Germany are meeting in Berlin this week to discuss reforms to the EU and the way it conducts policy-making after a series of very strong conservative movements gaining ground in multiple European elections.

Details about what the potential reforms would actually include were scarce, but German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, told reporters that the talks would cover “a lot of material” on Wednesday.

The two are set to have their first formal meeting on the subject on Thursday in the German capitol.


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