Daily Brief 09/28/2017: American Icon Dead, Possible Executive Action on Healthcare, and a Major Explosion in Europe

U.S. News

Founder of ‘Playboy’ Dead at 91-

The American icon and legend, Hugh Hefner, who founded the hugely successful adult entertainment magazine ‘Playboy’ has died at the age of 91.

Hefner started the publication with a $10,000 loan from family and friends, using furniture as collateral, in 1953 featuring Marilyn Monroe in the first circulation which sold over 50,000 copies.

Mr. Hefner died of natural causes surrounded by friends and family a statement about the death said.


Simpson Set to be Released on Monday-

O.J. Simpson is set to be released on parole following nine-yeas of incarceration following his conviction on armed robbery charges stemming from a 2008 incident in a Las Vegas casino.

Simpson was granted supervised release during a hearing in July where he maintained he “was not a criminal” and that he “was sorry” for the events that transpired which led to his arrest.

According to court records, he plans to live with family in Florida upon his release from prison.

Trump Hints at Possible Executive Action on Healthcare-

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he was considering the possibility of using executive action on the national debate of healthcare in the U.S.

Before departing to give a speech in Indianapolis, the president told reporters that he was “frustrated” with Senate GOP members from failing yet again to repeal and replace the failing Obamacare and that he was looking at a plan to allow Americans to purchase insurance across state lines.

“I am considering an executive order that will take care of a tremendous number of people with regard to healthcare… I’ll probably be signing a very major order where people can go out, and cross state lines, do lots of things and buy there own healthcare.” The president told reporters on Wednesday.

The possible action by the White House is expected to come next week, but may be somewhat limited in scope as many insurers will still be under the bureaucratic nightmare that is Obamacare.


World News:

Turkey Continues Tough Talk Towards Iraqi Kurds-

Turkey’s Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, took to official channels to issue a statement saying that his country would not “shy away” from any potential “threat of unrest” on that country’s border with the region of Iraq close to Iraqi Kurdistan, but maintains that military confrontation is not Turkey’s “first choice”.

The tough talk from the Prime Minster follows up on other stern rhetoric from the Turkish government after what it calls provocative actions by Kurdistan who just this week went through on a vote for independence from Iraq.

Iran has also issued threats to the Kurdish government going so far as to cancel flights into and out of Kurdish airports while at the same time beginning military exercises on its border with Iraq.

Philippine’s President Offers Rare Praise for U.S.-

Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte, took time during an address  honoring fallen Philippine soldiers to honor his countries relationship with America and offered rare praise for American leadership in the Pacific.

Duterte has become somewhat notorious for his insults to American officials and criticism of American policies around the globe with him in 2016 calling then-president Obama a “son of a bitch”.

However, during his speech on Wednesday he called the U.S. an “important security partner” and said that all previous disputes with the U.S. are “water under the bridge.”

Massive Explosion at Ukrainian Military Base-

An early morning explosion at a military base just 150 miles south-west of Ukraine’s capitol, Kiev, has led to over 30,000 residents being evacuated and four buildings on the base being completely destroyed.  

Ukrainian Prime Minister, Volodymyr Groysman, was on scene by Wednesday afternoon and said that situation is “under control” and that the cause of the huge explosion was “under investigation.”

The base where the explosion occurred houses multiple rocket launching systems and the Ukrainian army has said no casualties have been reported.


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