Judge Roy Moore: A True Outsider for the Conservative Cause

By: Zack Duvall


Judge Roy Moore.

That name has been at the center of Alabama’s state politics for the past three-decades and has drawn both bi-partisan praise, and support on many issues, but has also endured the wrath of the federal government when he has shown his commitment to conservative values on others.

The former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is known to be a man of principles, facts and numbers who can detail all the times he’s been outspent during campaigns and by how much, while also citing specific court cases to support many of his dearly held values and beliefs.

Particularly, his devotion to the Christian faith and its place in American society and its influence over his approach to numerous social and political issues.

Judge Moore was twice the victim of numerous attacks for his defense of a monument to the Ten Commandments on display at the Alabama state house, and was ultimately removed from his elected position for his defiance of federal orders to stand down on the issue.

The second ‘removal’ was actually just a suspension of his term after winning re-election following his first removal of office. The suspension was enacted by Barack Obama and lasted the duration of what would have been his term in office.

The 70-year old judge’s victory has been another shot heard around the establishment Republican world, and stunned many analysts and pundits who cited that major party support, including support of President Trump, behind his opponent, incumbent Luther Strange, would be too much for the outsider to overcome.

However, as he has countless times in the past, the judge was propelled to an impressive victory in this week’s primary leading up to the special December election to fill the vacant seat left by Jeff Sessions, who is now Attorney General.

Moore is expected to go head-to-head against Democrat Doug Jones, a former federal prosecutor, who is considered a very tough opponent for a Democrat in historically red state Alabama.

“He walks the walk, O.K. He doesn’t just say he’s going to do this or do that, he gets thrown out of office over it. Then gets re-elected.” David Mowery, a political consultant based in Alabama’s state capitol Montgomery, said about Moore’s reputation in the state as someone who will stand by his beliefs, even if it results in retaliation from the highest levels of government.

“Roy Moore is Huey Long with religion. Huey Long would tell it like it is. He ran against the establishment, he defeated the establishment, he would not compromise with the establishment. Roy Moore does all those things, but has a Biblical worldview.” Alabama state auditor Jim Zeigler said of the judge.

Moore is known to be a staunch-conservative with fiercely loyal support of Republican values such as reforming the American tax code, repealing the failing Obamacare, improving conditions for American businesses that are putting Americans to work, investing in America’s infrastructure, securing the border and re-building America’s military to a stature of undisputed global American dominance.

However, with a political philosophy built on a strong Christian faith, Moore has been able to do bi-partisan work on a range of issues as a judge in such a manner that even Democratic colleagues who have worked with him during his tenure as a judge supported his campaign, and praised numerous orders he has handed down.

The most notable praise from Democrats coming for Moore’s rulings on various arbitration cases in the state that they say  showcase his bi-partisan to workers’ rights that strikes a balance between business and the rights of employees.

“He’d probably be considered conservative by some standards, less so by others.” Jere Beasley, a Democrat and former Alabama Lieutenant Governor, said of Moore.

Beasley donated to Moore’s recent campaign, and went on to say that Alabamians see Moore as a man that continually “stands up for state’s rights” and will continue to fight for the principles that Alabama, a strongly red state, believe in.

Another point of bi-partisan praise for Judge Moore is that, as a judge, he was also a vocal supporter of overhauling Alabama’s sentencing laws that many activists say are much too harsh and rigid.

“There is a difference in justice and overkill, and we have discovered flaws in our statutory sentencing scheme.” Moore said in an opinion he wrote on the issue.

During the primary with Luther Strange, Moore continuously attacked the relationship that Strange had with Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell, who is largely unpopular among many of in the Republican base for his numerous recent legislative failures. Often times saying he “would not be controlled” by the establishment politicians that are grinding D.C. to  gridlock.

“McConnell and all those people in Washington know I’m not to be controlled. I’m not going to be managed.” Moore said during a rally last month.

On the issue of being anti-establishment, many say that he is a very similar candidate to Donald Trump and that the fact that the President didn’t support him, opting instead to hit the stump for Strange, has perplexed many D.C. figures and longtime Trump supporters former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Breibart News Chairman Steven Bannon.

However, Moore who had pledged support for the Trump agenda before an endorsement was made official by the White House, continues to state publicly that he stands with the president on many key policy issues including healthcare and tax reform.

The Alabama special election takes place December 12 of this this year with Moore being the favorite to win a comfortable, albeit modest, victory depending on turnout.


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