Thoughts on the Week 09/25/2017-09/29/2017: Price Has to Go, Kurdistan Deserves Support, and the Impact of Potential Supreme Court Victories by Conservatives

By: Zack Duvall

Price Must Pay ‘The Price”

It’s not that Health and Human Secretary, Tom Price, blatantly wasted U.S. taxpayer money on ludicrous travel expenses that warrants his immediate termination from his cabinet position, it’s the fact that he did it during his tenure in an administration that has vowed to drain D.C. of this very swamp like behavior.

$400,000 is not a lot of money, and even though the liberal media is acting like it is and Price is the first ever politician to do such a thing, the over all outrage over the issue is well-placed.

It’s the principle of the matter, not the amount dollar amount involved.

Not only has Price failed to be of any significant help on the GOP effort to pass legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, but he has now added to a media frenzy that has targeted this administration since before it ever took over the oval office.

As far as any criticism of President Trump is concerned, I think that would be extremely premature and actually rather wrong, especially when he hasn’t taken to any official channel to give any statements on the issue that show he had any knowledge of, or is accepting of this kind of behavior by his cabinet members.

Actually, quite the opposite vibe was given off by the President on Wednesday when he left open the possibly of Price’s removal as head of the department, replying “we’ll” see and “I’m not happy about the reports” when asked about the issue by reporters.

Time will tell if the president takes action against Price, a former Senator from Georgia. But with executive action on healthcare expected next week,and Price a key figure on the White House’s healthcare team, Trump’s hands may be tied until after the order is put in place.

North Korea’s “Swelling Army” is Actually Just Starving and Isolated Citizens Seeking Food and Necessities-

With the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea’s state-run media outlet, stating that 4.7 million North Korean “students and workers” rushing to join the ranks of the North’s army, some pundits and “experts” are saying that is a sign that North Korean citizens still overwhelmingly support Little Kim’s regime and that recent “dangerous rhetoric” by the White House is fueling a rise in North Korean anger towards the U.S..

However, with the entire situation looked at in historical context, and acknowledging a major development on the part of the Chinese, a different conclusion can easily be made and supported about the news out of the North.

First, since the founding of the communist north members of that country’s armed forces were always shielded from shortages in the country such the lack or food, gasoline and sufficient clothing for the harsh North Korean winter.

Something that has largely remained unchanged in the isolated country, and with the Chinese saying this week that all North Korean businesses in mainland China were to close within 120-days, the fear of shortages is widespread through the North Korean people.

It’s not that these people feel some sort of unwavering love and support of the tyrant regime, it’s that they fear serving the country’s despot leader may be the only way to survive the fast-approaching winter.

The fact millions of citizens are flocking to sign-up only after this latest round of developments, including extremely tough new U.N. economic sanctions that should all but cripple the North’s economy, should go to prove that the tough new approach from world leaders stemming from a new U.S. plan of action is having tremendous impact on the North Korean people.

Not that the new approach is leading to some new wave of nationalism taking the form of a new found love of the Kim regime.

In any event, North Korea can barely support the 1.2 million enlisted men and women it boasts now, an additional 4.7 million would be fighting with nothing other than sticks and stones, and would be wearing tattered rags.

The World’s Current Freedom Fighters-

The world has watched since the 1970’s as the Kurdish people have been the victims of horrific state-sponsored genocides, geo-political betrayal and brutality that is rare in other parts of the world at the hands of various Islamic fundamentalist groups.

But the world has also watched as the Kurds have been a steadfast ally in the West’s fight against multiple threats to global security in the region, to include the Assad regime, al-Qaeda, ISIS and Iranian proxy Hezbollah.

The world has watched as Kurdish Pesh Merga fighters, including female Kurdish fighters, fought a desperate and often gruesome war against extremist groups threatening the very sovereignty of the Iraqi government that is now trying to impose strict international sanctions on them.

America’s strategy as of late in the Middle East has depended on Kurdistan’s well-organized, and fiercely loyal, military to sustain gains made through the ultimate sacrifice of American servicemen and women. Largely only providing air-support in many of the battles that have been key to the U.S.-led coalition effort to stabilize Iraq and Syria.

To turn our back on such an important ally at a time of such international turmoil would be a mistake I hope the administration is pragmatic enough to avoid. The Kurds have proven time and time again that they are the capable fighting and governing force in Iraq, dating bating to 2003.

The Kurdish government has maintained a quality of life for their citizens that has many drawing stark contrasts between Kurdistan and Iraq, calling the two “virtually different countries in every way.”

These differences include language, religion. views on social issues and women’s rights, etc. Basically everything that makes two countries separate countries.

Not to mention, that the only reason Iraq’s major oilfields didn’t fall in to the hands of ISIS fighters after feckless and cowardly Iraqi army units abandoned them, is because the Kurdish Pesh Merga launched numerous offensives to secure them.

Baghdad, and America, owe the Kurds more than is being acknowledged in this situation, and I hope the historical trend of betrayal does not continue with the Trump administration now taking over American foreign policy decisions.

Healthcare Failure Should be Final Nail in Coffin For Senate GOP Leadership, Especially McConnell-

With this week’s failure by GOP leaders to formulate a cohesive policy-making plan to pass meaningful healthcare reform, despite having the majority, should see the Republican membership look to new leaders for future legislative victories.

The fact that McConnell, and other longtime GOP figures, have had 7-years to develop some kind of alternative to the failing Obamacare should lead every American to be demanding an accounting of everything their elected leaders were doing for just about the last decade, because it sure as anything wasn’t working on the issues they said they were.

Aside from the fact that the division within the party on the subject of healthcare shows an incompetence within the party, a bad sign in and of itself, it shows that for the past 8-years there hasn’t been any effective or constructive legislative-based communication or planning on the part of GOP members.

The party’s base needs to look to fresh conservative-value-furthering faces, and take the leap of faith to trust those voices to stand against the embedded establishment.

You can’t fish in the same pond everyday expecting to catch different fish, just as you can’t do the same thing over again expecting a different result. Republican voters have some serious soul searching to do and need to realize that these “house hold” Republican Party  names have been part of the same problems for years.

2018 should be very telling, and even though Senate Republicans are stumbling over themselves on the legislative side of things…

Potentially Pending Conservative Victories in the Supreme Court Could be Critical-

The Supreme Court is set to return from its annual recess and set to tackle major, and partisan, cases that include cases on gay right, workers’ right, privacy rights and could include the travel ban if any court action against the new order reaches the high court.

Despite the congressional Republicans being unable to work with a majority, the court’s conservatives have proven to be much more effective and could continue providing key conservative victories with the addition of Neil Gorsuch.

Something that the administration is counting on, especially in regards to Whit House efforts on national security and immigration, particularly on the aforementioned travel restrictions being implemented by the Trump administration.




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