Want to Get Involved? We Want to Hear From You!

Hello All and Happy Friday!

My name is Zack Duvall, and I am the founder of The American Times Media and Publishing.

I started this platform in order to create an organization that I hope will grow into a trusted and reliable source of American news and commentary, with the future goal of taking an active role in the political landscape of our country.

I truly believe that constructive debate surrounding the issues that our nation is facing is how America will move on from a culture of division that is being furthered by many of the nation’s elite, and compassion for each other as fellow Americans is the way to start that dialogue.

I have sat back and watched for the last two-years as many in the political realm, specifically in the profession of Journalism, have attempted to rip our nation apart through divisive, and bias, coverage of national events and policy debates that are currently underway within our country.

We have all seen the political violence meant to silence opposition to a globalist, and largely leftist, movement that is seeking to diminish American leadership on the world stage, and undermine American unity, stooping so low as to use national American symbols to further their narrative.

For me, enough was enough. I could no longer sit-by and allow my fellow Americans to be subjected to this kind of authoritarian and Alinsky-style tactics any longer without taking my own stand.

Thus, The American Times was born.

I am committed to building this organization to be one driven by integrity, and a sense of duty to the American people and those who trust us to provide them the news and a complete presentation of facts on current events that they will rely on to make decisions that may impact them and their families.

I take what I am endeavoring to do with a sense of pride, but also an unwavering determination to you as a reader, and fellow American, to do the best I can to make sure you leave our site better informed than before you visited, and more motivated to take a position about policy and social issues as a result of confidence and trust in the news and commentary that we provide.

With that in mind, however, my reasoning for writing this piece is as follows…

I am reaching out to my fellow Americans who may be looking for a way to take a stand and have a role in the national policy debates that will shape our nation now and in the future.

I am reaching out to Americans who love their country enough to take an active role in their own governance and wish to counter the anti-American division that is attempting to stop all progress towards American prosperity and success.

I am reaching out to YOU, if you’re reading this piece, to finally say enough is enough with me, and put the future of the country we will leave for our children and grand-children at the center of the national narrative in order to allow for every child, family and American the chance to succeed.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We can all do something to make this nation the best that it can  be, and this may be our chance to do so, for me at least, I have dedicated myself to making sure this platform is my way of doing so.

I wish to see a change where my fellow Americans look at each other as brother and sister. Where my fellow Americans see our collective success as something to work towards together and in a manner that puts our country first.

I wish to see a future where we trust each other and learn to co-exist in a society that doesn’t glorify what makes us different from one another, but instead focuses on what we could accomplish if we had the mindset to see what makes us the same.

I am currently looking to see if anyone was interested in getting involved and possibly taking part in a constructive movement that truly started with a grassroots dream of taking part in the national debates shaping our nation.

The positions would largely be on a volunteer basis, and would be more for people who want to be a part of something from the ground up.

The roles that I am hoping to fill include the following:

Content Contributor(s):
-Commit to providing weekly content/articles
-Contribute to news gathering/topic leads on a weekly basis
-Weekly Skype calls discussing national events and coverage of those events

Editor(s): Would only be needed to provide proof-reading of articles on a weekly basis. Although, if you would want to, could provide content to be published on the site and social media outlets.

-Weekly Skype calls discussing any potential improvements to the platform that could be made
-Provide insight on marketing strategies for the platform
-Consulting style role

-Would be offered weekly features outlining your support of the platform and an overview of your business
-Paid promotion of your business on all social media platforms is included and done by us
-Would provide direct links to any of your online sites or pages with a paid/ “boosted” Facebook post
-Weekly reports on how we how your support has been used to promote the America First Agenda

And of course Readers!

If you are interested in getting involved and helping build a grassroots organization to further American First political philosophy feel free to message me either privately, or through the site and/or page.

I thank everyone who has visited the site and page so far for your support, and I also thank everyone who took time to read this for doing so.

This is my passion and I have taken the steps to allow this dream to become a reality through hard work, dedication and an unwavering desire to have a voice in the national policy issues that will impact our families for generations to come.

Thank you again, and I look forward to developing a source of information you can count on and trust, when also taking an active role in our nation’s politics.

Zack Duvall

Founder, The American Times Media and Publishing


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