Daily Brief 10/6/2017: Judge Upholds Arpaio Pardon, A Surprising Delivery and a Deadly Day for American Troops in Niger


Federal Judge Upholds Pardon For Arpaio-

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has announced this week that she will not grant a motion brought on by progressive and left-leaning groups calling for the judiciary to block the pardon that President Trump issued for the 85-year old former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in August after a July conviction.

The decision by Judge Bolton was reached after her review of the arguments presented by the groups found “no legal grounds” for the court’s intervention on the matter.

Arpaio had been found guilty after a federal case was brought about him by the Obama Justice Department for ignoring a 2011 federal injunction that ordered him and his department to stop inquiring about the legal status of suspected illegal immigrants during traffic stops or any kind of law enforcement contact.

Inmates Attempted Escape in South Carolina-

South Carolina prison system officials announced this week that there was an attempted escape by inmates at the McCormick Correctional Institution, a maximum-security facility, after an apparent fire in one of the housing buildings.

On Wednesday morning a fire broke out in the facility and the chaos around the fire allowed a group of inmates to escape their housing unit and gain access to the roof of one of the complex’s buildings.

“We are actively responding to an isolated incident in one housing unit. All staff are safe and accounted for.” The South Carolina Department of Corrections posted on their twitter feed during the attempted escape.

As of Wednesday afternoon the situation was resolved and all inmates involved now face additional criminal charges.

Woman Receives Surprise Delivery-

A woman in South Carolina, who has chosen to remain anonymous, received a surprise shipment of over 20,000 oxycodone pills at her home on Saturday.

The woman said she called police after opening a package delivered to her address, she thought was a yoga mat she had ordered online, and “hundreds” of pills began to “pour” out of the box.

Police officials have since seized the drugs and said that oftentimes such shipments are destined for abandoned or empty houses, but that a misspelling in the address discovered by the post office was the reason for the package being delivered to the woman’s home.

The package originated out of Newport Beach California, and is worth over $400,000. Authorities have launched an investigation to discover who sent the drugs and who they were intended for.


Last ISIS Stronghold in Northern Iraq Falls-

Iraqi military officials have announced that the last ISIS held town of Hawija, has fallen to coalition and government forces on Thursday.

The major victory by the Iraqis now leaves ISIS with just a small strip of territory in the country along the border with Syria and is a major mile stone for the sometimes ineffective Iraqi army.

Some sporadic fighting continued north and east of the city until Thursday afternoon, but the remaining ISIS militants are quickly being “eliminated” by Iraqi forces.

American Special Forces Attacked in Niger, 3 Killed-

U.S. Africa Command confirmed on Thursday that an attack on what should have been a routine patrol meant to train Nigerian army units has left 3 American troops dead and 2 others wounded.

The attack came just 120-miles north of the Nigerian Capitol and this thought to have been carried out by militants from neighboring Mali.

The attack is causing a review of the procedures in which the special forces in Africa conduct their risk-assessments and could draw attention to the largely covert operations of the U.S. in the region.



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