Daily Brief 10/09/2017: Harvey ‘The Perv’ Fired, Wildfires in California and More Iranian Threats

U.S. News:

Hollywood Pervert Harvey Weinstein Fired From Studio-

Disgraced Hollywood producer and co-founder of The Weinstein Company, Harvey Weinstein, has been terminated from his co-Chairman post at the production studio by board members amid disturbing allegations of decades long sexual harassment by the producer.

The move by the company came on Sunday and in a statement by the studio was attributed to “new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged in the past few days” a statement released accompanying the announcement said.

A spokesperson for Weinstein did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the new development.

Chevron Sends Workers Back to Gulf Coast Refineries-

Chevron has announced that following the recent Hurricanes to impact the Gulf Coast region and the oil refineries located there it has sent personnel back to the refineries to get oil production levels back up to normal.

The news came this past weekend in  a statement by the company that also said that the company is finalizing the assessments of its Fourchon and Empire terminals for any needed repairs following the storms.

California Wildfires Ravage Landscape Yet Again-

Firefighters from multiple state and national departments are battling raging wildfires that are now threatening the state’s historic and famous “wine country” vineyards.

California officials said in a press conference held yesterday that “multiple” fires are ongoing in Sonoma County, 75 miles north of San Francisco, and confirmed that a “very large” fire had jumped a highway and spread to the east side of Santa Rosa on Monday morning.


Iran  Issues Threats over Possible Terror Designation of Elite Military Group-

Iranian military and parliament officials have issued extremely harsh statements criticizing the possible move of the Trump administration to designate the elite Iranian military force known as ‘The Revolutionary Guard’ a terror organization.

The possible action by the White House comes as officials in Washington are putting pressure on Iranian leaders to adhere to “the spirit” of the 2015 Iran deal that many administration supporters say does little to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and that Iran is finding ways around the terms of the deal, with Russian and Chinese help.

President Trump is set to announce on October 15 if the U.S. will back out of the agreement, or “decertify” the deal, following an “extensive review” by the administration.

Officials in Tehran have promised tough action in the past if the America backs out of the 2015 deal, but vowed “crushing measures” in the latest round of threats if the U.S declared the Guard a terror organization.

Ukrainian Assassination Linked to Russian Crime Lord With Kremlin Ties-

The Ukrainian Chief Prosecutor Yuriy Lutservo has said that his office believes that the murder of recently defected Russian lawmaker, Denis Voronenrov, is the result of a hit ordered by notorious Russian crime boss Vladmir Tyriun.

Lutservo said the allegations could potentially link the Kremlin to the murder becaus eof known links between Tyriun and numerous officials within the Russian security agencies.

The assassination came just after Voronenrov had arrived in Kiev after becoming an outspoken critic of Moscow last fall. He was murdered shortly after his arrival outside of an upscale hotel in the Ukrainian capitol.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has denied any Russian government involvement in the incident.

Turkish Military Deploys Military to Northern Syria-

The Turkish military has confirmed on Monday that Turkish troops have moved into the northern region of Syria known as Idlib in an effort to enforce an internationally designated “de-escalation zone”.

The statement that was released by Turkish officials did not outline troop levels or how long those troops planned to stay in Syria, but did say that Turkish forces would establish “observation posts” in the region.

The troop deployment comes just days after Turkey carried out rather large artillery strikes against al-Qaeda militants in the area and large numbers of ISIS fighters begin to surrender throughout the Middle East battlefield.


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