Kim Jong-Un Issues More Threats to U.S. in Weekend Speech, Promotes Sister to High-Ranking Position Amid Rising Tensions With West

By: Zack Duvall


In yet another televised speech filled with threats to the U.S. and taunts to the Trump administration, rogue despot Kim Jong-Un said on Saturday that he was rebuilding the North’s military arsenal to serve as a “powerful deterrent” to the U.S. and its allies in the region.

“Our (North Korea’s) nuclear weapons are a powerful deterrent firmly safeguarding the peace and security in the Korean Peninsula and northeast Asia.” Kim said in his address. He went on to further say that North Korean leaders plan to also work towards economic growth in the face of numerous tough new economic sanctions, with experts saying are having a crippling impact on the North’s meager economy.

Kim failed to outline specifics in the economic or military “build-up” plans mentioned in his speech.

The statements by the isolated leader come as President Trump told reporters covering a high-level meeting with America’s top generals that it was “the calm before the storm” and said on social media that “only one thing will work with North Korea” after repeated acts of aggression by the North and its leadership.

One such act of aggression the U.S. and its international allies cite are recent test of a hydrogen bomb by the north, that was followed by the firing of a missile directly over Japan by Kim’s military.

Many experts fear that North Korea plans to celebrate the founding of the country’s main political party, The Workers Party, by conducting yet another major, potentially nuclear, weapons test.

A move that many fear will trigger a direct military response by the U.S.

Speculation o such a possible test seemed to be confirmed on Friday ahead of Saturday’s remarks by Kim, when a Russian lawmaker who was in Pyongyang last week said that such plans are currently being carried out by the north’s military and leaders.

In the same speech, Kim also announced publicly that he was promoting her sister to a powerful policy-making post within the government effective immediately. Something many analysts did not expect to happen, and came without any indications from U.S. intelligence and State Department officials.

The White House did not immediately make clear what actions would be taken by the U.S. if another major test was carried out by the North, but did confirm that the situation is being “watched closely.”


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