The American Times: Perspective for a Modern America.


Such a seemingly simple way to convey over two-hundred years of innovation, achievement, sacrifice, and triumph. However, that is exactly what America has come to represent throughout its history.

Americans have long understood that in order for the world to continue evolving and improving for its population, there would have to be a leader to not only pave the way into the future but ensure the safety of said future for those looking to live and prosper within it.

Our country, America, has stood time and time again to fill that role. Our father and mothers, grandparents, and all those who came before us and lived honorable, hard-working lives were a part of something greater than themselves that has allowed the world in which we live to become what it is today.

Modern advances in medicine, the downfall of murderous dictators, even the creation of some of today’s most important nations wud never of happened had America never risen to achieve the height of success that it has. And America never would have done so without being a breeding ground for some of the world’s most intelligent and driven individuals.

However, the intention of this piece was not to merely lump praise on a nation that true scholars of history already know is, despite brief dark periods of history that were shared and overcome by virtually every nation in the world, the leading example of what a nation truly built on virtues that embody the ability of a person to become whatever they want to be and raise their family with an abundance of opportunity.

The intent of this piece was to highlight how such a great nation, full of such great people deserves a platform to not only become informed but become united.

I have long held a sincere love for my fellow Americans and the nation that we all call our home. These past few years have been eventful to the point of challenging, however, I thank the lord every day that I was born in this country and for the many blessings that I continue to see daily.

This page, these words, my thoughts are my way of trying to establish and grow that platform. I commit to not only hold this organization and all those that we employ to the highest professional standards in terms of raw journalism but also in terms of keeping the focus on a unifying and uplifting message as well.

As our country enters into an era of unprecedented and harshly bitter partisanship, I can only embrace the ideals of unity, liberty, and truth that our forefathers embraced so faithfully throughout history.

Our site is undergoing some work and our posting schedule may be tweaked as we move forward with launching our platform and establishing ourselves as a force of good within our nation.

I look forward to being a part of the discussion, and the many friendships I make along the way. This is about our nation, our way of life. This is about America and the millions of amazing men and women that call this great nation home.

Thank you for your patience as we proceed with our lanch!

God bless America!


Faithfully Yours,


Zack Duvall

President, The American Times Media Group


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