Rally For Change!

By: Zack Duvall

If one was to ask me what the greatest threat to this country and its citizens I would say the reluctance of its people to gather the will and determination in a collective movement to bring about change to a flawed political thinking on Capitol Hill. We prosecute ordinary citizens who commit fraud, theft, and embezzlement everyday, our elected leaders should be no different. We should hold them to more stringent standards than we hold even for ourselves. Our country is trillions of dollars in debt, despite my fellow Americans putting their hearts and souls into working to make this nation prosperous and the best that it can be. Elected officials who we trusted to secure our future, allowed greed to contaminate the American dream and spirit. Change for the good, and unity as a whole, starts with each and every one of us coming together and establishing a common goal and dream. A dream that we can all believe in, and take part in achieving. It takes history not being forgotten but cherished, even the bad times. We cherish the lessons learned and the fact that we as a nation have gotten through very dark times TOGETHER. It will take everyone in this nation looking within themselves and realizing we can be more. We deserve to be more. All of us have unimaginable potential that is being smothered by people who have forgotten what this nation was founded to be. A place where parents can raise their children to be whatever they wanted to be, and achieve whatever they could dream of achieving. Change is rarely easy and never quick. However, if the change brings about a cultural realization of what is possible it is always worth it. The world was formed in change. People have always had a natural instinct to strive for better and achieve new goals. History has taught us that we cannot remain stagnant as a nation, we must always be striving for greatness. If something is not working we cannot expect to avoid the inevitable end result of failure. We must be proactive and take control of our destiny so that future generations have a future to look forward too. Not one in which they struggle to provide for their families because we would not accept the task to live up to our potential. But in order for us to achieve the true greatness of this country we must demand the best morality that one can achieve in those who hold seats of power. We must enact standards and policies that will ensure such. This is not an easy task, but one that is vital to the survival of our great democracy. We must not allow the evil in politics to win, and this requires us to act. We must be tenacious in our fight to achieve the true American dream and not allow ourselves to be sidetracked or manipulated until WE are satisfied. But I believe that we are capable of seeing this through until the successful end. I have seen my fellow Americans accomplish so must in the face of extreme adversity. We have been there when others have fallen and we have helped those would could not help themselves. We, as people, are among the most honorable and accomplished society on the planet. It’s time we make our leaders portray such to the world, and us. Accountability is what is needed to make sure that these high expectations are accomplished. That accountability comes from us. It comes from our will to live in a world where a family can accomplish limitless successes through perseverance and dedication. Our will to live in a nation governed by trust and respect, not fear and intimidation. It takes a movement of momentous change, but starts with each of us.


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